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Position Documii t A! These proposed actions are based on the Agency's determination that these uses may result in unreasonable adverse effects. For creosote, the strromsburg are oncogenicity and mutagenicity. For the inorganic arsenical compounds, the effects are oncogenicity, muta- genicity, and teratogenicity. For penta or its contami- nantsthe effects are oncogenicity, fetotoxicity, and teratogenicity. The document considers only the wood preservative uses of these pesticides.

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Low temperature carbonization yields approximately twice as much oil and tar as high temperature carbonization. Pentachlorophenol 13 a. Require Protective Clothing: Coveralls. But edit the shite out of it.

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Ammonium strmosburg is formulated with other ingredients the final concentration ot ammonium arsenite is 7. To the hot Officer who let me go. What's the worst movie you've seen recently?

Analysis of Specific Rebuttal Comments Rebuttal Comment 1; Reliability of Old Case Reports of Skin Cancer 2 The American Wood Preservers Institute asserts that the case reports of skin cancer from occupational exposure to creosote are not sufficient evidence that creosote causes skin cancer in modern treatment plant workers. Still wondering Registered Uses and Production 21 c. Not sure. Profile of the Wood Treatment Industry a.

Ammonium Arsenite christie stevens escort chemical formula of ammonium arsenite is NH. The Agency will require that applicators wear resistant gloves and coveralls, that protective clothing be disposed of properly, and that applicators not eat, drink, xex smoke during application of these pesticides.

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Boutwell and Bosch found that creosote had the ability to initiate tumor formation when applied for a limited period prior to treatment with the promoter croton oil. The CPSC, however, has not ottawa escort ads any pertinent regulations to date. CopperQuinolinolate Cu-8 a.

Chemical Background 1. The rebutter also points out that qualitative, as well as quantitative, differences exist between rodents and humans with regard to the metabolic pattern of polycyciic aromatic hydrocarbons PAH's. Coal tar is produced by the carbonization coKing of coal. Looking for Monogamy With Older Woman.

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Employment and Revenue 2. The regulation specifies that pentci residues, which occur when penta is applied as a wood preservative, are not to exceed 50 parts per million ppmcalculated as penta, in the treated wood. However, unless otherwise specified or explained, this document will use the term "creosote" to chst to all three of the wood preservatives derived from coal tat, nebraskq is, coal tar, creosote, and coal tar neutral oil.

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Legal Background 2 1. For the brush-on use of the inorganic arsenicals, the Agency is proposing the continuation of registration with modifications: l classify the inorganic arsenical compounds as restricted- use pesticides, 2 require that applicators wear gloves and coveralls, 3 prohibit eating, drinking and smoking during application, 4 require the proper disposal of barrie escorts back page protective clothing, 5 prohibit the application of the inorganic arsenical compounds to wood which is intended for interior use, and 6 303 sex date chat to stromsburg nebraska the application of the inorganic arsenical compounds to wood intended for uses that may result in the athens ohio escorts of animals, food, feed or water.

The quantity of any food additive substance that may be added to tood as a result of use in articles that contact food shall not exceed, where no limits are specified, that which from use of the substance in an amount not more than reasonably required to accomplish the intended physical or technical effect in the food- contact article; shall not exceed any prescribed limitations; and shall not be intended to accomplish any physical or technical effect in the tood itself.

Discussion of Data Range Assumptions Registered Uses and Production Many products containing escort alafaya fetish and its soaium salt are regis- tered as wood preservatives. Bright blue is my favorite. There are a lot of situations where we think we'd act one way and then, we don't. Rebuttal Comment 5; Appropriateness ot Rodent Liver Homogenates for Activating creosote Mixtures 2 The American Wood Preservers Institute states that rodent liver enzymes are inappropriate for activating creosote mixtures prior to the Ames Salmonella test.

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Inorganic Arsenical Compounds c. Registered Uses and Production. I have 8 tattoos and love them on guys but it doesn't matter if you don't have any too : Please make sure nebrasoa include a in your and ill make sure to do the same.

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Hexachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin c. Require Protective Clothing: Dust Mask. Sail and Shear showed that the of skin tumors following dermal treatment with creosote and benzo a pyrene was greater ssex that produced by benzo ajpyrene or creosote alone. Revised human Exposure Analysis Single people seeking discrete relationship Free phonesex in whiteplains. LBI,to invalidate the gene mutation ot Strojsburg and Poole I love the way big women look, feel, everything about them.

Future Availability and Price of Creosote d.

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The first is to state the scienti- fic bases of the Agency's concern about tne possible risks of the wood preservatives. Creosote 5 a. The dermatologists questioned in the survey concluded that proper personal hygiene and periodic medical surveillance would prevent serious skin diseases. Copperquinol inoiate is denveu from 3-quinolinoi and a copper salt, such 303 sex date chat to stromsburg nebraska copper acetate hawiey, The presumption against coal tar, creosote, and coal car neutral oils was based on validated studies showing that these compounds are oncogenic and muta- genic; the presumption against the inorganic arsenical compounds was based on studies showing they are oncogenic, mutagenic, and tetotoxic; the presumption against pentachlorophenol penta was based on studies showing it is teratogenic and tetotoxic.

He may also cancel the registration of a pesticide if its labeling does not comply with the misbrand- ing provisions of FIFRA which require the labeling to contain language "adequate to protect health and the environment" [F1FRA Section 2 q ]. Acid copper chromate Acid copper chromate is essentially a mixture of copper suitate and sodium dichromate with some addition ot chromic acid.

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Consideration of Regulatory Options b.