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In that basement, just what happened to the young man named Matthew Carrington? Debbie Smith, Matthew Carrington's mother: You just had to love him. To know Matt was to love him. Debbie Smith is talking about her first-born son, year-old Matthew Carrington. Once, when he was little, it was just ses two of them—broke and on their own. You know?

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No booze. Well, hazing it turns out can be illegal in California. And Keeney soon found out why they might have been going to such lengths to be evasive. Drinking gallons and gallons and gallons of water? Morrison: Had you got to the stage where you considered him to be your friend? Keeney: Like a seizure chkco something?

Lim: About an hour to an hour and a half. But the mother, who loved her son so dearly, was unable to find it in her heart to hate his killers. Morrison: And then what? And eventually stop your heart.

Roo, he was really thoughtful, he was really considerate, very smart about money. Quintana: —I was broken. Detective Keeney says no individual or organization wishes to lay claim to the property Keeney: I think they tried to mislead theinitial responding officers to see if they would get away with it.

Morrison: When he collapsed, there was a decision not to call because you were about to get the recognition of the fraternity back. Quintana: Looking back on it now, oh yes, it definitely was. To Det.

Decades of Sexual Abuse and Potential Cover-Ups Involving Chicago-Area Hockey Coach

Quintana: After Matt had a seizure and we got him on the couch. Quintana: yes.

And that was -Keith Morrison, Dateline correspodent: It cannot have been easy for you. Although the paramedics knew there was something completely different. Maestretti was at the house when Matthew collapsed.

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Quintana: We basically drank water out of this Alhambra bottle and we passed it back and forth with a leg up. And the prosecutor answered: maybe. Keeney it seemed a motive for a cover-up.

Had no idea. As she drove, she talked to a nurse on her cell phone.

In that basement, just what happened to the young man named Matthew Carrington? It makes your lungs swell.

Keeney: The one thing that really just stood out to me was the complete lack of any sort of furniture at all. Morrison: How long did you keep it going?

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Keeney: It is? That we were going find something like that out. That is not correct.

Smith: They started telling us about Matt and how sorry they were. Detective: Other pledges?

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It was a Wednesday, a. Morrison: Had you ever heard of such a thing before? And then, as most of the members went to bed, a new player ed the game. You know? I just knew it was really, really bad, I just knew it.