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Or go to an existing conversation. Type your message.

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Here's how: Open Messages and tap Edit in the upper-left corner. On iPhone SE 2nd generationyou'll need to swipe left on the notification, then tap View to reply to a message from the Lock screen.

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Your name and photo can be shared with anyone using iMessage, but you'll be asked to confirm that you want to share with someone when sending or replying to a new message. Delete a message or conversation When you delete a message or conversation, you can't mexsage it back.

Tap mexsage Send button. When you pin a conversation it shows up at the top of the Messages app, so it's easy to get to.

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If you want to delete all messages in the thread, tap Delete All in the upper-left corner. Or tap the image circle to choose an image, photo, emoji or Memoji. Or go to an existing conversation.

Learn how to manage Messages notifications from the Lock screen. Send photos, video, and audio Make your messages more fun and interactive with photos, videos, and audio clips.

Personalize your messages with effects Create your Memoji Make your own Memoji with fun new message help, hairstyles, and headwear. To delete more than one conversation, open Messages and tap Edit in the upper-left corner. Or follow these steps: Open Messages, then tap Edit or the More button. Change your name and photo With iOS 13 and later, and iPadOS, You can share your name and photo when you start or respond to a new message.

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So make sure that you save important information from your messages. Type your message.

Then tap Delete Conversation. Then select how long you want to keep your messages.

You can also turn sharing on and off. You can use gelp Memojior a custom image for your photo. Just complete stepsand turn Name and Photo Sharing on or off.

Then create as many alter egos as you want in Messages and FaceTime. To pin a conversation, open Messages, then swipe right over the conversation.

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Pin important messages With Messages in iOS 14, you can pin up to nine conversations. Edit your name. As long as the conversation isn't pinned, you can also swipe left over the conversation, tap Delete, then tap Delete again to confirm. Tap Edit Name and Photo.

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Tap Done. Customize group conversations Mention people and reply inline In iOS 14 and iPadOS, you can reply to specific messages in conversations, and mention people by name to get their attention in group chats. Or depending on your device, you might need to swipe left over the notification and tap View.

To delete a single message: Touch and hold the message bubble that you want to delete, then tap More.