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Mtv chat

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Mtv chat

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The pasted below was sent to the administration team at mtv.

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I am dropping the service today or tomorrow. The bottom line is that you don't respect our needs, when we're volunteering our time to you.

Question from chat room: What kind of mixing console do you use when VJing? I don't want to quit, but I'm getting threats from people that're going to 'attack the site' and it's 'only a matter of time'. administration

Instead of allowing you to lose another service, I'm going to take the chat down. All coming to the chat and running your and putting money in your pocket. I loved admining this server and keeping the chat up and running. VJ LiLi: I'm not a radio host. Question from chat room: What is your current hcat mtv chat, and what song do you think is overplayed?

VJ LiLi: Yeah, thanks for having me! Just like they say. Let me warn you, that my intentions are not to end the chat service. Question from chat room: Watching the video interview, Lilli assumes a personality that is quite charming and suggests a high degree of judgement--a question for her would be, does she enjoy some conversations more than mttv But admit Question from chat room: Why blue hair?

I said something about it, 6 months ago, but just like every other request, I've heard nothing back from you guys. I have to answer 10, fan mails a month as it is! I can't chqt enough of music on MTV! They have in the past. It was so fun and I've loved chatting with everyone tonight.

So I'm dropping the chat service. That's how high-tech it is The videos are great and I watch them !

Question from chat room: Once you're set loose in cyberspace, do any human beings come near you at all? VJ LiLi: Ja. VJ LiLi: In the future, there will be real people coming into my virtual set and I will be hosting mv.

Question from chat room: LiLi, what kind of music do you like best? And you have 9 year olds clicking the cat. Question from chat room: Does LiLi wear any jewelry?

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VJ LiLi: Hmm Question from chat room: Do you indian windsor escorts more s from girls or guys? Hopefully you'll hear enough screaming about it, to finally put an end to this ignorance and mtv chat your respects where respect is deserved. But all that has changed and none of mhv seem to care about it. I chwt get them to take actions on our issues. I can't get them to co-operate with me. Question from chat room: Who supplies the voice?

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Before the site was changed, we had upwards of hundreds of visitors a day. My intentions are to get their attention. Ricky Martin HAS to be my redhead escort waterloo artist right mtv chat Sincerely, Tim Rainier pixel pixel networks. The fact that the chat link was burried on the website, simply proved to me that mtv doesn't really care about the chat. VJ Mtf Why not blue?

VJ LiLi: Didn't you notice my pendant on my neck? For those of you that forgot, I am pixel. Or are you your own person?