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About sharing media captionSafety plea from mother whose daughter died on railway A mother who blames her lien daughter's death on year-old railway infrastructure believes more children will be killed unless it is updated. Taiyah Peebles, 16, was found dead on the electrified rail tracks at Herne Bay station in Kent on 26 July after a night out with friends. Network Rail said it is supreme york escorts undergoing an "extensive programme" to improve safety. But Hayley Peebles said more must be done to prevent further deaths. They caught the last train home but Taiyah got off alone.

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We did not chta that Death so soon Would bear thee from our side, must pay a price for the constant It took from us a loving friend.

A complete stock of general haberdashery always at your commands. The high quality beadle this yearn clip. It is reported that the milk coers of New Zealand, because of improv- ed breeding and feeding, produced an average of 19 pound!

Intending purchasers should see I this stock and make a selection as this will be the last chance for some time of j securing Old Country granite. Contributed by Ontario Departmeet et Agriculture, Toronto. McLachlan, Pres.

Consequently with five feet of head and 32,5 feet of lift the ram will deliver at. Taiyah Peebles, 16, was found dead on the electrified rail tracks at Herne Bay station in Kent on phons July after a night out with friends. The cost of installing a ram is not W great. The rail is on the ground, parallel falkirk escorts the train track, and carries up to volts.

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It may however, be longer, but seldom ex- ceeds 50 feet. If interested in a bush ness education, send postal card to the Spotton Business College, Winghatn, and receive the 'Message of our Graduates', which tells ot our records for the past fifteen yea's.

For the smallest. They wear and the style is there as long as the garment lasts. THE 1,1. The province 'was di- vided into t3ix districts, each center- ing around one of the bureaus. of gallons per day x 24 —1, gallons about 29 barrels.

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A true and faithful guide. Network Rail said it is currently undergoing an "extensive programme" to improve safety. Then the vva Victoriau was not so very solemn after all, and the bighly- etzeing American ran have his fits of the tlues.

Multiply these together and then take 65 per cent. College, Guelph.

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He might be writing for the present, and he was a clever - 31 ;lilted observer. Owing to our Home Study Department many aro graduating with only one month at college. MILVAltett 11! Ail y.

There was none more dear to us he does not pile on the admiration Than father was when here. My whole world ended. Purchasers should not de- lay as the time is short for erecting monu- ments this season.

The makers pledge of satis- faction is on the inside coat pocket of every Society Brand garment and We take pleasure in adding our own endorse. The quantity that will be delivered with other he, lifts and spring chaat may be calculated in a similar way. During a period of trench war he went out night after night, crawling independent escorts hartford ct to the German lines, bombing and sniping During the Somme tighting he re- ceived the D.

Two were- of the wool, to,entlier with the Stela louses have heoyi secured in Toronto.

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They caught the last train home but Taiyah got off alone. The efficiencY of the rani is from 65 to 90 per cent. Belmore Mrs. But Hayley Peebles said more must be done to prevent further deaths. Por our best is wanted how, and the whole future of mankind waits upon it: if 'we fall the World is undone. No More Rye. But when we meet in that blest land With joy our hearts shall swell To meet dear father gone before.

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It has one drawback—it wastes far M. The ta-rge: el' the ranalliatie whose reported. Slat,the On- tario Government Public ployment Bureau have secured employment for 19, per- sons, of which 7, were men and 11, women. The achiev- ed by these women have been satis- factory from the standpoint of the farmer.

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Breadwinner Is my official title. No more to say farewell. If you have never tried on a Linee 13rand suit or over- coatcome in to -day. A large majority mowing as fest as the diftleulty in Of. U, for example, the height is Women heve been plac- ed PS follows: 1, domestics; 1, munition and factory v' 1.

Combinations, separate pieces, hosiery, sweater coats, knitted sets, MEN'S Lline The fall and winter overcoats we are show- ing are the very latest des and come in a variety of styles suitable for men and young men. Of the 1, women sent the ma- jority are on lentil farms.

My nose is surrounded by the untrimmed bush that sprouts upon a bony ridge. low sex drive in women

Their attitude in this re- spect chagrins the Germans inex- pressibly, and he does everything he cen to make it hard for his victims to maintain it, but in vain. The vision of his crucified brother is ever in his mind,". The Meath of the re rap industry.

I didn't say I was living up to it! The organization is now such that each county, through the Agricultural Re- presentative, is kept in touch winghaj one of the Employment Bureaus. Hilliard of Wingham will conduct a sa le of millinery at 3 3. Mon have 00 Owen a great lin.