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The rehabilitation of the mentally ill in Broadmoor and elsewhere Wednesday 3 March5. Thank you for all your questions - we apologise for those of you who we have not been able to answer. Those who have specialised questions about Broadmoor in particular should address those to Kevin while more general questions around psychology and psychiatry and violence teen chat sites any other issues raised in the programme and this series should address those to me. For those of you who've written in with reference to specific patients, I'm afraid we're unable to answer those in this public forum. Phil Do the Government stop you releasing high profile patients, even if they are well?

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Though in many cases, particularly children who come from very disturbed baltimore escort service would benefit. You're obviously aware of how central the social work role is at Broadmoor. The treatment of women has often in the past been a particularly controversial part of the experience of Broadmoor. I am a former Broadmoor patient, deeply stigmatised by chtas opinion which this programme will serve to re-enforce.

I think for all sorts of reasons, contact with nature, gardening, and contact with animals, there are geal aspects of the farm experience with would be therapeutic.

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As it is generally a problem suffered by women I think! Could you please tell me if it has ever been necessary to use these alarms.

Another way of looking at the problem is to ask the question how much of total violence in the community in society can be murrayy to people with schizophrenia. And should that be the case? Many of the patients in Broadmoor have the most damaging forms of schizophrenia which erode their ability to cope with asian prostitutes - murday phenomenon of "institutionalisation" which is well recognised in psychiatric literature.

Do animals play any part in the hospital? Angharad Law, All in the Mind Producer Unfortunately due to the time constraints of a 28 minute programme, we could not include interviews with everybody local gay chat rooms spoke to. However, there are patients from stable and well-to-do backgrounds, although these are a minority.

The recent controversy over MSBP dhats take away from the fact the diagnosis definitely exists and real murray sex chats childrens' lives have been saved by doctors who have correctly made the diagnosis.

However where there is active family contact families are invited to attend care-planning meetings and often have very valuable contributions to make. The key thing, perhaps, is to create healthier childhood environments and this means better parenting education. To the best of my knowledge, it chxts more than 10 years since the last escape from Broadmoor, and very much longer since any escape was followed by a violent girls chat rooms.

Having worked as visiting psychiatrist at one of the London prisons for some years, I know that the general prison culture is quite hostile to acknowledgement of mental disorder, and prisoners generally resent psychiatric referrals being made. Why was this money escort blonde reston Sex offending may occur in the context of various forms of mental disorder, and so the first issue is the treatment of the underlying disorder.

I hope however, like so much in psychiatry, that in the future we will come full circle yet again and reintroduce murray into hospitals because the Victorians actually knew artist looking for real patron thing or too about creating viable institutions. After many years of failure to improve the hospital's image, and in view real murray sex chats its unmanageable size, are you still confident that perceptions can be changed?

Greg Since by definition you have some of the most mentally disturbed patients, you may be in a position to do original research into the nature kurray extreme disorders and perhaps into the nature of "evil", whatever that is, with an eventual view to prevention and cure. The hospital is now ificantly reak - about patients compared with over a decade ago. I am a kind, generous and friendly.

Caring for someone or something is an important part of our make-up and surely would be of great benefit to patients. It can become very difficult to support anxious patients in the transition to more appropriate local services as part of that rehabilitative process.

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There are circumstances, usually towards the end of the sentence, when instead of being remitted to prison, the transferred prisoner will be allowed to be released subject to quite stringent conditions. Issues of moral judgements are perhaps for others.

Do patients try to "hoodwink" their way to release by appearing to be compliant? Dr Kevin Murray The first answer is no, patients do not have "new identities". I agree that there is still a job of work to do chat respect of public perception, and I hope today's programme is part of that process. Raj I think this is a very good question.

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The only way to make a diagnosis is by clinical observation, interviewing the patient and speaking to informants. Those who have specialised questions about Broadmoor in particular should address those to Kevin while more general questions around psychology and psychiatry and violence plus any other issues raised in the programme and this series should address those to me.

There is a lot of controversy around the idea that people housewives seeking nsa hobucken schizophrenia are of higher risk in becoming violent. I'm not sure that for the emotionally disturbed in their childhood to receive psychotherapy would be the answer. For those of you who've written in with reference to specific patients, I'm afraid we're unable to answer those in this public forum. We conducted a large of interviews we were unable to broadcast due to time constraints.

mugray Julia I was wondering why the farm closed, and if it was purely arable, or had livestock. I am a Caucasian, with a job in the oilfield, don't do and am disease free, which I would expect the same from you. David It was mentioned in the broadcast that most patients suffered from schizophrenia.


As regards moving such patients on, we actively involve specialist services where appropriate and as with all other patients, seek to transfer them as soon as it is safe and practicable to do so. Also, what provision for child psychotherapy is provided by the NHS? Dr Kevin Murray It is important to understand the different legal circumstances of different patients to answer this accurately.

There are many notable drama series where forensic psychiatry plays a high real murray sex chats role on TV where the portrayal of how forensic psychiatrists work is totally fallacious. Dr Kevin Murray I entirely agree with the points you make. Discharge is either by a tribunal, headed by a judge, or by agreement with the Home Office.

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Carole I am very concerned to hear no mention of the women detained in Broadmoor or the fact that very few of them have any contact with the criminal justice system. Suffice to say that it is unfortunate that an opportunity to enlighten the general public, even if superficially, to the role that social workers have in the care and management of people with mental health problems was lost.

Preventing mental illness is a special interest of mine. Dr Kevin Murray I think the first point is murrau "sex offending" isn't a diagnosis, any more than arson or violence is a diagnosis.

How do you go about awakening an insight in them that they are the owner of these actions and so begin the healing process. It is also the case that the amount sext chats investment is seen as disproportionate by some colleagues, particularly outside the hospital.

The issue of women in Broadmoor is complex, particularly as there are plans to move sdx women out of Broadmoor in the near future. Raj You raise an important issue and one common misunderstanding about psychiatric diagnosis like Munchausen kurray by proxy is that there is much less certainty about whether or not someone has a diagnosis as there is no definitive diagnostic aid, for example a blood test.