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Red sox chat

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Everything from Jacoby Ellsbury's future with the team to possible waiver market moves to the booing of Josh Beckett was covered.

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Do you think the Sox will make Ellsbury an offer he can't refuse?

Is he going to be our future SS or will the revolving door continue at that position? Live Chat Moderator: Thanks Sean and thank you all for participating. Sean McAdam: No.

Surely, there had to be something better on that tour than me! If they hang around in the A. He could still be dealt this month, I suppose.

Sean McAdam: All s point to bullpen. Sean McAdam: Too soon to tell, Chris. As I said earlier, I believe they'll be targeting starting pitching -- but so will many other teams. Sean McAdam: First of all, it's not as if Gonzalez hasn't come under criticism from the media.

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There are teams that would take a lot of CC contract, Sox could Ellsbury for cheaper. Miller and Hill as lefties and Atchison and Six for middlelong work.

And at 62, Valenitne hasn't done any of those things. Whitey from South Boston asks: Do you think Bard comes back re the bullpen or as a starter? Either way, it's a tricky proposition.

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I have enormous respect for people who work in front offices. Sean McAdam: His power has surprised me. It's highly competitive, with incredibly long hours. I think we can both agree "Manny being Manny" would be the perfect remedy for their "toxic" clubhouse Sox osx play the hot hand Pedrono? My guess is, they laid out the options and risks involved, and together with input from Pedroia, a decision was made based on those factors.

Sean McAdam: Nothing yet, Matt.

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Beckett didn't seem to think it was anything serious and they caught it early before it had the chance to get worse. Sean McAdam: I don't think it's changed much. Sean McAdam: Could be. Sean McAdam: Thanks, but you're giving me way ref much credit there.

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I think you were the highlight of the tour for me. Comment From T Do you think Papi is here next year? Usually, we find about those things when the clubhouse opens the following day. But obviously, another injury to a starter or a possible deal could change things in a hurry.

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If he doesn't start producing, I would think you would see an end to that alignment with Youkilis getting only sporadic playing time. Rtp escort has he shown much re at Triple A. As for the criticism, I think some of it has been mitigated by his willingness to play the outfield. As for his relationship with Valentine, I think Cherington is trying to make the best of a difficult situation.

Dot from Dorchester asks: Gun to head, where will Youk be playing at the end of this season? Comment From Joekur9 Do you see any correlation between Sox' current winning streak and Tito's impromptu player meeting? And I'm happy doing what I'm doing.

Manny Ramirez asks: Sean, will the Sox take me back? Time will tell.

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I believe they have to get into the post-season for Valentine to return. Comment From Juan Who do you see as as the next few homegrown players to step in and make an impact? Let's see how he does matched against Verlander and a good team.