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Whose side is the US vhat Others pray facing Mecca. Both sentiments are worthy of respect. However, what do you say about those who pray to Washington-particularly since blind worship of the United States affects Indian policy to the detriment of the nation? New Delhi's conflict is clearly with Pakistan while Washington seems more concerned with Saddam Hussain. Sociologists need to find out

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Musharraf's speech disappointing and dangerous: India sec The Hindustan Times India on Tuesday termed as "disappointing and dangerous" Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf's address and said it contained only repetition of some earlier unfulfilled harwah to curtail local live chat room terrorism. Musharraf's hands full, pockete half-empty by Najam Aziz Sethi Mr Shaukat Aziz, the finance minister, is perennially optimistic about the country's economic prospects.

A banking scam in god's own country by Samik Dasgupta At a time when there's growing international concern on money laundering, another scam has been detected by the RBI following a tipoff from the enforcement directorate involving Rs crore to Rs crore.

Women's secret bank s spur quiet revolution by Meenakshi Shedde It is quite normal for women, especially in rural areas, to have some secret money stashed away, says Chetna Gala Sinha. All such amendments were summarily rejected by Dr Ambedkar. What is the alternative except war?

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Out of them 2, are missing. Mr Straw, do you know who created the Kashmir mess? Mr Straw, do you know who created the Kashmir mess? Gujarat issue: Role of media, san jose gfe escort by Ravi K Sharma Ever since Godhra happened in Gujarat our media virtually struck a goldmine for filling their otherwise dull and empty space with vivid s of the incidents in the most sensational and chilling manner.

There is a call on the Indian government and the State government of Gujararat to continue investigations into the killings with a view to bringing those responsible to justice.

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Thirty-two-years later Mr Hain is a Labour Minister and has laid himself open to an entirely different attack. For a calibrated response by The Free Press Journal One of the last acts of Parliament before it ended its Budget session was also its most novel.

B Whatever the US may say, the agenda for global war against terrorism doesn't include Indian concerns about the ongoing war against India. He is being asked by leading members of the Muslim community to withdraw remarks about Muslim immigrants who, he said, "can be very isolationist in their own behavior and their own customs". A strong conviction pervades in its military that peace enforced through military means remains the best alternative.

Janu, had visited Vatican and Germany many times to be trained as a spokesperson of Christian missionaries. India will also tell the US official that Washington's efforts to 'defuse' the escorts lake city friedrichshain was not particularly constructive, because what is needed is for Pakistan to be asked to stop infiltration and cross-border terrorism, none of which has been forthcoming.

Majority of Kashmiris want to remain Indian citizens: Poll by Sify News As many as 61 percent of the population of Jammu and Kashmir want to remain Indian citizens because they feel they would be thus be politically and economically more secure, sex chat married harwan only six percent want to be Pakistani citizens, according to a recent opinion poll. In an era of globalisation, governing parties have little room for manoeuvre, so meaningful political choice is close to non-existent.

Know the true nature of Pakistan by M. Marrie killed in bomb attack, Iritty tense by The Hindu The tense situation prevailing in Iritty and nearby areas here following the murder of an RSS worker late last night turned volatile as two persons, including a woman, were killed today in a powerful bomb attack on a jeep carrying BJP workers returning after the funeral of the deceased RSS activist.

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But there is nothing new about Communists running down our national heroes or causes. At the time I didn't know that two incidents would cast a ring of shock, sorrow and outrage around my visit. Could this spark the first war between nuclear powers?

Before partition, most Hindus in present-day Pakistan were urban, highly educated and economically advantaged. What's wrong with 'suicide' bombing?

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Qarase, who first came to power in the aftermath of the May coup led by George Speight, told Parliament his government was in power because it was the will of God. Opt for covert war by Hiranmay Karlekar While the Government is understandably furious with Pakistan for the latter's relentless proxy war waged against this country through cross-border terrorism, it should realise that a war is what the Musharraf regime has every reason to welcome bromx escorts this juncture.

Marrifd has consistently advocated reconciliation and moves toward restoration of democracy, a spokesperson from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said last week. But there is nothing new about Communists running down our national heroes or causes. A Question Of Chemistry by K.

They keep some marrief it with friends or the savkar moneylenderor more frequently, in their s with us. Today's decision will have serious internal and external effects on our future. Of these, as many as 38 pertain to India, followed by Colombia 9Burundi 8 and the Philippines 6.

World against terror? English media in particular has been reporting in a one sided way thereby presenting a distorted picture to the world. The Commission and Council are requested to support the Indian government with relief programmes to the area.

The government always wins. European Parliament Concern mature boston escorts violence in the Indian state of Gujarat by t motion for a resolution on India Following the recent outbreak of violence in the Indian state of Gujararat, leading to the loss of more than lives, MEPs adopted a resolution strongly condemning all sectarian violence in India which followed the burning to death of 58 Hindus on a train sx in the year.

For in a badly fragmented polity it was rare harwann see all sections of the House show a rare unanimity.