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Twilight chat

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Twilight chat

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By the group was barely active.

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Rules: 1. Whether you be an Edwardian, Jacobean or perhaps you just love all the Cullens, your thoughts and predictions are welcome here!

We are currently not accepting members younger than Stephenie's new book, The Host, will also be discussed in this group. By the group was barely active.

Don't pick fights and avoid heated arguments. Twilight saga role-playing pretending to be a character from the Twilight books is fine, but please don't pretend to be someone else who is using the chat.

Please read and follow the Twilight Chat rules. No identity theft do not pretend to be someone else. Be kind and considerate to others using the chat.

Anyone who breaks one or more of the rules repeatedly will tailight banned. It also had a connected Book Discussion group on Yahoo starting in July with only members but active discussion from to Thank you!

Keep your language clean any messages containing foul language will be deleted. Right now there are no spoiler bans in place.

Any messages that break one or more of the rules will be deleted.